Ask Congress to immediately invest $200 billion in our K-12 schools to keep our children safe and healthy

We all want kids to return to the classroom as soon as possible, but not before it’s safe to do so. Superintendents who oversee schools in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Dallas, and other major school districts in the US warned Congress that: “dark clouds are forming on the educational horizon that will spell disaster if Congress does not intervene.”

We join Superintendents and teachers everywhere in demanding $200 billion from Congress to keep students safe and healthy. Public school districts in every state in the country are struggling to keep up with the financial demands of the virus. What’s worse: schools are all functioning under the threat of looming budget cuts . Policy experts expect that hundreds of thousands of teachers will be fired. Class sizes will increase. Students will lose their – already underfunded – socioemotional support system. Due to institutional racism, Black children in particular will suffer immediate and harmful consequences. The racial opportunity and equity gap will grow.

Congress has the ability to prevent this catastrophe.

As the wealthiest country in the world, they have no excuse for their negligent inaction. We demand that Congress immediately invests at least $200 billion in our K-12 public school system.

Our children need you to #BeTheirHeroes.
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“Black students are in crisis and in need of multiple strategies for success, starting with an influx of Black teachers to serve as mentors and advocates”

Dr. Kim Tabari, educator and community organizer with Black Lives Matter Long Beach


“Schools must have enough funding to teach students remotely, keep children safe when classrooms re-open & avoid laying off teachers. I’m proud to sign this letter…”

Rep. Ro Khanna, CA CD 17



” Even before the pandemic, our public schools were woefully underfunded. Now with states facing major budget cuts due to a loss of tax revenue during this crisis, our public schools are faced with a looming financial catastrophe. Congress needs to immediately inject significant funding into the nation’s public school system to keep our students safe, both mentally and physically, as well as protect our teachers and school staff.”

Rep. Alan Lowenthal, CA CD 47